Security Command Center in a minute

Give me a minute and I’ll show you how the Security Command Center can help you protect and manage risks for your Google Cloud environment. security Command Center, Google Cloud environment to constantly monitor, gain visibility in cloud assets, vulnerabilitiesand a local security and risk management platform for Google Cloud that helps you detect misconfigurations, respond to threats, and demonstrate compliance based on industry standards and criteria. Security Command Center, over your resourcesallows for centralized disability control.With the Security Command Center, you can easily understand the sources placed and managed and see which sources have been added or deleted.

security Command Center allows you to identify security, error configurations, and compliance breaches in your Google Cloud assets and resolve them by following applicable recommendations.

Using the logs, you can detect threats to your sources and identify potential discounts on containers. Setting up a Security Command Center is very simple. just visit the Google Cloud console and there is a Security Command Center under the security section. The price model is simple and is based on the level you choose. there are a wide range of free standards that you can access through the console, and here I paid premiums that provide enterprise security capabilities that you can get by contacting the Google Cloud sales team.

Next time, visit the Security Command Center, taking a minute to ensure security and risk management for your Google Cloud environment. See the Google Security Command Center for more information

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